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About Us

As you can imagine, spending most of my life immersed in the ocean, I fell madly in love with this blue jewel of a planet of ours.


When Bonnie Stoll (my Cuba Swim expedition leader) and I finally became the first team to ever swim the epic ocean

between Havana and Key West, we imagined leading masses of people in movement across the curvature of the earth,

taking in the magic of the blue sky, envisioning who what we could do, who we could be.


And so EverWalk was conceived. The largest walking initiative in the world.

Bonnie and I aim to inspire a million people to rocket the current walking wave into a tsunami. To get up.

Get out into the magnificent outdoors. Leave your screens. Talk with each other. Discover your town.

Adventure through new corridors. Let the vast blue sky galvanize you to dream. 


Five years later, as our EverWalk Nation continues to grow around the globe, we are now both

proud and excited to launch this new EverWalk initiative: OceansCommit.


OceansCommit once again emanates from our love affair with the great outdoors. 

Bonnie and I have come to a high state of alarm and distress at the egregious amount of plastic, eight million tons per year,

that now flows from land to sea all around the world. And, like many of you, we have felt helpless to do anything

about this affront to our home, planet earth.


Yet it has proven that even worldwide change can be achieved, is only achieved, by millions of us doing just one little thing.

If each of us committed to significantly reducing single use plastic in our homes and our businesses, we could---

and we will--- restore our majestic oceans to their natural, pristine grandeur.

Join Bonnie and me in OceansCommit effort to heal our planet -- one person at a time.

Each of us. One small action.

We will never ever give up!

Diana Nyad, Earth Day 2020

About Us: About Us
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