A Series of Events to Inspire YOU,

All of US, the mass public,

to take action toward restoring

our once-pristine oceans to their glory.


Heal Our Blue Planet:
Each One of Us,
One Small Action


Among the myriad of abuses we’ve committed against our home, planet earth, 

our focus here at OceansCommit is the eight million tons of plastic that

currently travels each year from land to sea all over the world.

Ocean activist Sylvia Earle calls our oceans the lungs of the earth.

We are literally suffocating our vital seas with an egregious assault of plastic pollution. 


Like many of you, we can some days feel hopeless to ever rectify this catastrophe.

Yet, ironically, the COVID 19 pandemic has shown us the way.


In a short few months, with drastic  reduction of car use and aviation, construction 

and factory operation, Mother Earth has virtually cleansed herself.

We here at OceansCommit came to tears witnessing the images of the Himalayas, 

clear as a bell, village people from 100 miles away able to see

their beloved, majestic Mt. Everest for the first time in forty years. 

India’s air pollution was suddenly down by 71%.

Pictures from London to Los Angeles, from Venice to Lake Michigan, 

have revealed clean, breathable air and beautiful clear water not seen in decades.

We have just now witnessed proof positive that if we humans each do our little bit,

we can in fact change the world.

And we’ve learned another crucial thing from this deadly pandemic.

Just as one human infected in Asia became millions infected in every corner of the globe, 

pollution of both air and waters travels quickly to all air and waters of the earth.

Ours is a very small planet.

Those who don’t live anywhere near an ocean contribute to plastic arriving on beaches 

and out in the deep ocean, from the heartland of the U.S. to the shores of Cambodia.


The drive behind OceansCommit is the commitment

to reduce single use plastic in our homes and businesses.


Many other organizations are doing the same worthy work,

but what distinguishes us is that we are the only organization that actually leads our groups

along various shores, celebrating our love affair with the great outdoors.

We will both walk and swim, including virtual events thousands of miles away.

We will host beach rallies for citizens of local towns, gathering a long and powerful list

of those of us signing our commitments to go back to our lives and reduce our plastic use.

It’s a simple equation:

We use less plastic.

We create less plastic waste.

Less plastic goes into our landfills, our rivers, our oceans.

Just as We the People just lifted air pollution from our skies  during the pandemic,

We the People together  can lift plastic pollution from our oceans,

each one of us doing our small part.




Every one of us can do our part to save our planet by committing to reduce single-use plastic in our homes and businesses.

OceansCommit will host events to galvanize walkers, swimmers, local communities and businesses to do their part in saving the oceans.

Go and inspire your community to commit and grow the number of people committed to reducing single-use plastic!


The overriding force that got me from the shores of Havana across that epic ocean, after trying over 35 years and 5 attempts, was this mantra:  

Never Ever Give Up.

Diana Nyad

OceansCommit asks you to do your small part:

Never Ever Give Up 

on our blue jewel of a planet.


The overriding force that got me from the shores of Havana across that epic ocean, after trying over 35 years and 5 attempts, was this mantra:  

Never Ever Give Up.

Diana Nyad


Commit to Reduce Single-Use Plastic

I commit to reduce single-use plastic in my home and business

and to serve as a role model to my family, friends and community.


will help us raise awareness, create events,

and reduce single-use plastics.

All donations are received by EverWalk

(a 501-c3 charitable organization).

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